We developed iotaCase technology to enable our clients to make serious efficiency gains and enable ongoing display improvement and proof of engagement via continuous and automatic collection of data for evaluation. iotaCase is designed to sit quietly and unobtrusively inside a display, and feed back detailed data about every single visit to the case. It is a small box that sits outside the hermetic seal of the showcase.

iotaCase creates new possibilities for evaluating the performance of museum displays across a wide variety of audience profiles, using high definition data collected all the time. You will learn a huge amount about your audience and what works for them, with scientifically robust data to prove it.

Care of objects is top of our list of priorities. iotaCase is so exciting because it has no detrimental effect on even the most delicate of objects with the highest criteria for conservation.

Whether you are a CEO, graphic designer, media producer, architect, interpretive designer or planner, cost consultant, curator or conservator, we speak your language and you will find most of the answers to your questions on this website. If you have any particular enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our UK-based team, who will gladly answer your questions or arrange a demonstration.


Because all of the detection systems are integrated into the case, moving a display is as straightforward as moving the case. Have you found that you would like to redistribute the displays in the entire gallery? Simply move the cases around and the detection system (iotaCase) automatically follows.

Intelligent Sensing

iotaCase systems can be fitted with cost-efficient yet advanced sensors that can give you valuable insights into how the audience are engaging with your objects and displays. Furthermore, because iotaCase senses the presence of visitors at the case, case lighting can be switched on only when needed, intelligently helping you to control an object’s exposure to light. Follow this link to find out more about how the sensors work.

Revolutionary Analytics

If a display is working well with all audience types, this will be obvious from the analytic data. If it is not working, then you can figure out why, and update the content. The data is presented in an executive format that is easy to understand. We give you the tools to be able to drill down into the data to gain unique and powerful insights into how you audiences behave around your objects and content. This has never been possible before.

Operable by In-House Teams

We have designed iotaCase and the Control Centre specifically for museum professionals. This means that we present the analysis of engagement data in ways that are easy to query in-house - it’s as simple as logging on to a website and viewing interactive graphical data. Alternatively, you can receive automated email reports in an easily-digestible format.


We provide effective and convenient support for you at all stages of your iotaCase implementation. Our technical support is excellent.


iotaCase systems do not effect the physical security of your objects.