Three new and related innovative products:

  • ColliderCase fuses digital content with real objects within a showcase for real impact and new possibilities.
  • iotaCase enables the collection of incredibly detailed audience engagement data.
  • Control Centre is an efficient hub for deploying, managing and evaluating ColliderCase and iotaCase installations.



ColliderCase is a revolutionary new way to fuse together the display of objects and digital content inside a showcase.

This creates completely new possibilities for rich interpretation of objects and audience targeting. It marries traditional object display with the power of digital media in a thrilling new way.

No glasses or handheld devices required.


iotaCase collects data about how your audiences engage with your displays. iotaCase systems are cost-efficient and can be installed in any display, cased or not.

Discover completely new possibilities for the development,  improvement and evaluation of object displays.

No experience with data analysis required.

Control Centre

The Control Centre is a powerful, easy-to-use online tool for managing content, deploying it to ColliderCase systems, and analysing the engagement data collected by ColliderCase and iotaCase systems.

We have built the Control Centre specifically for the museums industry based on 20 years of experience of interpretive design in the UK museums industry.