Virtual Case Systems Ltd was incorporated in 2015 and launched in 2016. The company was founded by the directors of two existing companies, Bright White Ltd and d3t Ltd.

Bright White Ltd

Bright White Ltd is a multi-award winning interpretation design consultancy based in the historic city of York, UK. Since 2004, Bright White has completed over a hundred museum projects in the UK and Europe. The directors of Bright White had, after decades within the museum industry, observed stratification in the industry, traditional object-led thinking on the one hand, and the power of digital media on the other, and they sought to converge the two spheres together.

As accomplished interpretive designers working primarily on world-class projects funded by governments, local authorities and major funders such as the Heritage Lottery Fund, NESTA, the Arts Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the team at Bright White are perfectly positioned to develop and design a system as radical as ColliderCase.

d3t Ltd

Founded in 2011, d3t consists of a group of highly experienced professional developers with skills covering an array of development activities including business software development, systems integration, embedded systems and firmware development and electronic hardware development and systems integration.

d3t and Bright White have collaborated in the past on a number of cutting-edge technical projects in the cultural sector including the BattleGame at the Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre, and the interactive Holocaust survivors at the National Holocaust Centre. d3t bring cutting edge technologies from the world of computer games and the internet of things to the cultural sector via designs by Bright White Ltd.

Where we Hope to Go

Our aim is to create a revolution in object interpretation by creating then continuing to improve the ColliderCase platform, creating a closer relationship with companies and organisations with complimentary skills and products. We are a learning-led organisation and we believe that ColliderCase will open-up completely new possibilities for creating engaging and extremely informative, enjoyable object interpretation.