Two families of sensor are available for the collection of audience data. This section describes sensors for measuring audience engagement. Please go here to find out about sensors for conservation and environmental monitoring.

Data Collected Via Face Detection

Face Detection technology uses a tiny camera to measure the face looking at your display. It is possible to work out how old your viewer is, and what gender they are with a staggering degree of accuracy. Face Detection is a completely anonymous service that does not record or keep any information. Face Detection makes no effort to try and work out who your visitor actually is, and therefore respects their privacy and security. ColliderCase and iotaCase systems can be fitted with a Face Detection camera.

The system can record the following types of data. If you are familiar with website analytics, then the list below should look fairly familiar:

  • Visits
  • Unique Visits
  • Engagement time (How long a visitor looks at the object or content)
  • Party Size
  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Emotion

This data can be viewed in realtime via the Control Centre, where there are simple but very powerful tools to be able to interrogate the data in a wide variety of ways to give answers to specific questions about performance and engagement, or by 'data mining' to glean useful insights into who is engaging and who isn’t. This kind of rich, granular and ongoing data analysis has never been possible before, and will enable forms of automated detailed evaluation that has not previously been possible.

Alternatively, or additionally, executive reports can be automatically and periodically generated and distributed by email.

Data Collected Via Presence Detection

ColliderCase and iotaCase systems can be fitted with sensors that can detect the presence of a visitor at the case. Sophisticated audience engagement intelligence can easily be gleaned from the recorded data. Presence Detection cannot collect as many types of data as Face Detection, but the data types are still incredibly powerful:

  • Visits
  • Engagement time (How long a visitor looks at the object or content)

Automatic Detailed Reporting

Although the incredible analytical power of ColliderCase and iotaCase systems can be seen in realtime on the Control Centre, it will often be useful to ensure engagement reports reach a client team automatically and in an accessible format. 


You can instruct the Control Centre to send automated email reports to a distribution list of your choosing. You can define the period between reports. This might be attractive to programme managers, funders, or for objects on loan.