The Effect of The Data Collection Technology on the Showcase Environment and Conservation

iotaCase has been very carefully designed to consider the conservation of your displayed museum object, and eliminate any fears you may have of how this new technology might effect your objects.

Temperature and Residual Humidity

The only object that we must put inside the showcase to make iotaCase work is your choice of sensor (or sensors) - everything else is positioned outside of the showcase hermetic seal. The internal temperature of the case is not effected in any way by the digital data collection system. Similarly, the residual humidity within the seal is not effected in any way by the iotaCase equipment.

Illumination and Lighting Control

iotaCase can be used to reduce the amount of light reaching your object, and increase your knowledge of exposure. Our systems can switch on the case lighting in a controlled manor, ensuring that the object is illuminated only for as long as it absolutely needs to be. You can also study the exposure of the object to light over time, with maximum and cumulative measurements. This measurement includes light from all sources, outside and inside the case. This is a smarter way to manage light exposure for objects.

We can offer smart control of any type of lighting, from LED to fibre-optic lighting. The type of lighting inside the case is entirely your choice.

Case Access

Normal Case Access

Since all of the iotaCase hardware is mounted on the outside of the showcase, access to the case for placement or removal of objects is as normal - open the case, place the object, close the case. The only objects that must be inside the showcase are the sensors you choose to attach to your iotaCase system.

Conservation Sensor Options

The connected nature of iotaCase opens up new possibilities for the management of object conservation. We can fit just about any type of environmental sensor to your case, from trusted brands. Please see this page for details of sensor options.