We developed the Control Centre to be a powerful, easy-to-use online tool for creating and managing content, deploying it in the field, and analysing the engagement data collected by the installations. We have built the Control Centre specifically for the museums industry based on 20 years of experience of interpretive design in the UK museums industry.

The other pages within this section explain the more technical functions, but below are some of the powerful features available to executives:


Define which notifications you would like to receive by email. Interested to know when a display has gone live? Want to be sure that environmental conditions are within limits? Want to keep an eye on engagement levels? Emails can be sent automatically upon such events occurring.


See in realtime how the audience is responding to the displays. Keep an eye on the live environmental monitoring data from one or all cases. 

Remote Support

At any time you can call Virtual Case Systems support to gain assistance in achieving your task in hand. The remote support team can make changes for you.

Uses Familiar Language

The Control Centre was built using the language of museum professionals, not the language of computer experts. You will be presented with cases, objects and content in thoughtfully-arranged and intuitive formats.

Any Modern Browser

Once you have a user account and secure login details, the Control Centre is accessible from any computer in the world enabled with a modern browser.