Content and Media

The Control Centre is a powerful hub accessed via any modern web browser. The Control Centre is where you:

  • Learn about making and deploying ColliderCase content.
  • Keep candidate media assets for use in ColliderCase displays (images, videos and so forth).
  • Control which objects are displayed in which of your cases.
  • Collaborate with your team members on content creation and deployment.
  • Deploy ColliderCase content.
  • Keep an eye on the analytical data to ensure your display is working as expected.

Here is a brief run-down of the kind of features and tools we provide for you. If you have further questions, or want to get into more detail, we can arrange a demonstration online. Please contact us.

Audience Targeting

The Control Centre gives you the option to define audiences, and deliver specific content to them. Perhaps you want to deliver more accessible text to a younger audience? Perhaps you want to give special interest visitors a more advanced text? In the Audience Targeting section, you simply define the sector and means of identification (e.g. Face Detection or by Tags) and then link the content to that audience. It's as simple as that. More details about the means of identifying different audiences can be found in this section. 

Alignment Masks

When you purchase your ColliderCase system, we will offer you the service of making Alignment Masks for each of your objects. These masks are digital images that are used in the creation of content. They define exactly where your display object will be in relation to any displayed images or text. When you are interpreting small details of an object, it will be important to be able to point to it with leader lines in the media. The masks are critical to ensure the content and object relate well to one another.

Graphic and media designers will use the templates as a layer in their artwork during content creation.

We will make the Alignment Masks available in the Control Centre, and they can never be accidentally deleted.


You can make as many sequences as you wish for each of your display objects. This enables you to create new sequences to deploy when you are ready to launch a new exhibition. You can keep the finished new sequences ready to deploy at the simple push of a button. The Control Centre helps you to manage these sequences.

The Control Centre allows you to preview sequences before they go into the case. This is useful during creation, but is also very useful to gain approvals from your collaborative team.

The Analytics section helps you to keep track of the performance of your exhibition. Are the audience engaging with the displays in the way you anticipated? Is any one case failing to engage as much as the others? You will be able to see straight away and easily change tactics slightly. Redeploying edited content is a simple procedure.


Have you ever wanted to change an object label or graphic panel but simply cannot find the origination file? Or perhaps a video server has failed and you can’t recover the film from the server? As standard, we provide a secure online archive of all origination and final files so that this will not happen to you. You will always know where the files are. Please contact us here for details of storage costs.

Pushing (Deploying)

‘Pushing’ is a technical term that means the ability to send a large data package to a location. The Control Centre gives you the power to push digital media sequences to your ColliderCase over the air. Get a sequence ready to go, select the case within which you have placed your object, and hit push - the sequence will be downloaded to the case automatically. This is an extremely powerful and flexible way of publishing content within a gallery, and can be done from anywhere in the world with a web-enabled laptop. You will receive a notification that a sequence has been published.


Let’s say you have a team of three - a curator, a copywriter and a graphic designer and you are working together to create interpretive content for a given object. By creating three user accounts, the curator can upload all the still images and video that will form part of the sequence, the copy writer can upload text files, and the graphic designer can put them together to create slides and upload them, putting them into the correct sequence with our specially-designed tool. All three parties can then preview individual slides and the finished animated sequence before the sequence is deployed. Of course, the three parties can be in three different parts of the world, using any laptop with a modern browser.

In-house Creation and Tutorials

Easy-to-follow tutorials are available in the Control Centre that will give you step-by-step assistance to complete your task in hand. ColliderCase is very much about organisations being in control of their own platform if they wish.

We offer one-to-one or one-to-many training if you wish. Please get in contact to find out more.